Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 3

Day 3- Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex.
Let's go with same sex...
So I am a woman, 5 things that irritate me about women.

1. The way we over think and over analyze everything.  Before the boy and I started dating I was constantly over thinking.  It drove me insane.  There was one night in particular that I remember sitting on my bed for hours thinking about calling him.  Finally I sucked it up, went on a walk to the Tim Horton's, sat down and told myself I would call him at 3:14pm.  Why 3:14pm? I don't know.  Best decision I ever made though.
That sounds more like a risk thing, but just know that I was over thinking the entire time.

2. How some women can't get to the point.  Like my mother.  I tend to be more blunt than most girls, which is probably why they don't like me... But if I am telling a story I get to the point, I don't drag it on and on.  When my Mom is telling me a story I'm like okay okay yeah I don't care, I don't know who these people are just tell me what you're getting at!

3. Complaining about our bodies.  I don't do this.  I complain about my weight but that's just because it's jumping all over the place right now and makes me worried about my thyroid meds.
But when women start to complain about their bodies around me, I have no idea what to say.  I just sit there awkwardly until it's over.

4. Too much make up.  I don't know anyone who wears too much, but I've seen girls come into the store who have foundation caked on, or are using bronzer in replacement of a self tanner.  It doesn't look nice.
And I'm not a fan of Taylor Momsen's raccoon eyes I've been seeing lately.

5.  Hmm. I'd say gossiping and going behind people's backs but I've learned that guys do it too.  Okay I got it...maybe.  You know how people will ask you if you're fine but you're really not and you say you are?
Why do we do that?
We do it even with people we're comfortable around and trust.
Like The Boy, we're honest with each other, tell one another if something is going on...but last month something was bothering me and he asked what was wrong, I said "I'm fine."
"You know what that means don't you?"
"F-ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional."

Don't worry, I learned to share my feelings more.  Not completely, but enough to tell him how I was feeling.
I also learned that if I'm not fine, I shouldn't say "I'm fine" instead I should say "Everything is great!" with a big cheery smile.

Just kidding :)


Adrian said...

Agreed. Especially the make up thing. It drives me crazy when girls do that!

Laura Wynn said...

"F-ed up, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional." the greatest thing I have *ever* heard. So so so so so true.

Kaleena J. said...

Okay, ha ha, um, the more you post the more I see how much we have in common. If I made a list, it would look IDENTICAL!!

I really don't like the way I over think everything. I do it too much. I too once chose a specific time when I would text a guy. It's ridiculous!

Silly girls.

Kendra Sue said...

I don't get the raccoon eyes. It looks so scary. And ditto on the over-analyzing thing-- I just want an off switch for my brain sometimes.