Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guilty About Girls

Well, I had a few sunny pictures that I snapped while leaving work yesterday, sadly they are not showing up in my email.
This morning at 7am the sky was amazing, cloudy, burnt orange, rainy and there was a freaking double rainbow (what does that mean?)
Seriously amazing.  At that moment I was thankful that I got to work outside.

When I left work this afternoon, I walked outside took a deep breath in.
The air was cold...it smelled like snow.
Yeah I said snow, it just had that clear cold smell to it...???Yeah, I don't know either.

Then I drove by the movie theater and their fragile looking trees had orange leaves on them!!! There were even some on the ground.  Was I excited?  Oh yes I was.

I love these scenes.  The set is awesome.
I'm sorry guys, I'm watching 'Hocus Pocus' yet again.  Don't ask me how I manage to watch this movie over and over, I'll try 'Casper' next, it's a Fall movie right?

I am loving 'Candy Candy' by Guilty About Girls:

Guilty About Girls hails from Vancouver, B.C. and has a electronic/dance sound that totally caught my attention today.  I rarely find music I like right away, usually I have to warm up to it but today I was bouncing in my car as I drove through the parking lot....at 20km/h
Wow, I sound like I'm selling them.

Two days until it's officially Fall, and 'The Big Bang Theory' premiere!


Kendra Sue said...

Hocus Pocus is perfect for this time of year. We use to watch it ever Halloween. I really liked the costumes and the crazy hair. It is a classic. Snow!? Hooray. I am excited.

GorJess said...

sorry about your pictures!
my camera broke so i'm super sad now

yup just two more daysss, this is exciting!

Kaleena J. said...


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

haha casper should be on the way in my net flicks. :) ummmmm i love the smell of snow. snnow is kinda my thing. (silly i know snow and stars nothing makes me happier) also i am soo happy all my shows are starting! :) also what are the young adult fallish books you read! i am really itching for something to read! much love little miss!

ahlin said...

it sounds so pretty where you are! it's still really hot here... which is frustrating cause i want to wear a hoodie really bad!