Sunday, September 19, 2010


It's my day off! :)
Work, surprisingly, isn't as difficult without the boy as I thought it would be.

So since today is my free day I plan on spending it wisely.
-Sleeping in until 10am at the latest
-Going to the library
-Making sugar cookies
-Tidying my room
-Watching more of 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 1 which I bought yesterday while painting my nails silver
-Drinking peppermint tea
I'll do the last two things last so I can relax.
It'll be a fine day :)
...If it's raining hard/a sunny Fall day then I shall go for a lovely walk!

Oh darn, I wanted to break out the tights tomorrow but I forgot to buy static guard.  Last time I wore tights I was a static-y mess.

So I was checking out my stats today and found out that the following question was used to find my blog, it made me chuckle:
why do boring girls get boyfriends?


Sasha said...

yeah why do boring girl get a boyfriend? (must be grate to be you)

Kaleena J. said...

Hey, I was planning on going to the library too! Or perhaps Barnes & Noble. I also painted my nails but i was too lazy to finish.... haha

Lauren said...

Ooo! Will you come over and share those sugar cookies?!

And have fun bustin' them tights out!

Lauren said...

But get some static guard! ha!