Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hocus! Pocus!

The boy moves tomorrow.
I am kind of sad but better than I was.
But this isn't a post that dwells on that.
This post also doesn't talk about how much I hate my job especially after yesterday...
This is not a negative blog post.

Don't you love rediscovering movies you loved as a kid?
Me? I've been on the hunt for the dvd of "Hocus Pocus".
Loved that movie.
My birthday is in March, but I remember one year watching that movie on my birthday.
It's Fall weather, I want to watch "Hocus Pocus"!

I love when I make a lunch I haven't had in awhile.
Alphaghetti with shredded marble cheese stirred in.
Sometimes I treat cheese like ketchup, I put it on everything.

I love that I mastered foaming milk with a whisk today...okay mastered is too far, but I did manage to foam some milk by hand.
I love Fall mochas :)
I'm excited for my first trip to Starbucks this Fall, just for the pumpkin spice latte.
After that I hope to make more trips to a local coffee house.
Maybe I'll become a regular, maybe they'll offer me a job, and then maybe I can quit mine.
Just maybe...

I love my friends, now that I have some that I can regularly hang out with.
Thank you boyfriend :)

Tonight I'm making Chicken Parmesan for the family, and a peanut butter brownie pie.

I think after that I will retreat to the rec room with a blanket and play a video game or watch a video.
That's right, VHS.

Hope you have a fabulous week!
I will be in mourning this week and extremely grumpy.

Look what I found!
I knew we had a vhs copy somewhere :)


Taylor said...

Hello there! I am inspired by that beautiful and perfect mocha of yours...any chance you could share your recipe!?! And how did you foam that milk!? Id love to know!

tmango7@gmail.com is my email. I would looooove to hear your coffee secrets :)

Ps enjoy your pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, I am trying to discover how to make home-made ones!!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

eak i love that movie! i was ready for fall last month so that is when i watched it! haha! also i had 2 (eak) pumkin chi's today it was way yum! i heart you!