Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Metric, The Boy and A Red Head?

I apologize in advance if my thoughts are all over the place.
Remember that post I did about five things that annoy me about women or something?
And over thinking was number one.
I'm busy doing that right now.
I left a message via facebook chat for the boy while he was online but he never got back to mind is saying "dude, you freaked him out"
but I`m saying no I didn't, I'm just being a girl and it's stupid and annoying me.

Moving on.
I'm super stoked :)
1. I'm going to see Metric! One of my all time favourite bands.  Not for awhile, but still.  Excited!
2. The boy comes home in a week :).  Yes I asked for the Saturday and Sunday off (shh) but I managed to get three and a half days off!

I don't want to make plans for us, but I have ideas on what we can do (it's fall!)

At the moment I am trying oatmeal with milk for the first time ever.  I have been missing out.

I'm still contemplating dying my hair.
I want to, it's a cheap change but I've dyed my hair before and just got my natural color back a year ago.
So I think I'm just scared?
I know I could dye it back but...agghh.

Maybe I could go for a reddish tinge...

Or just try changing my part....

I was so excited earlier, now my mood has shifted.
I'm tired, I get exhausted just thinking about work tomorrow (it's the shift I hate), I get even more exhausted about thinking about work next week...but I think that'll be easier to get through once it's started, just knowing I have days off :)
There I go again thinking about the weeks ahead instead of the day before me.
Aghh, do I dare exercise with this remaining part of my cold?


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

do not exercise! also do the red red! i just dyed my bestest's hair yesterday and she looks like a really tall fairy! and gurl you can pull that off! dooooo it! :)

S said...

I'm scared to :)