Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best Thing To Happen To You

4. The Best Thing to Happen to You This week

Well it's been a tough week.
I could make a list of things that weren't best.....
Plus this week just started...
Oh! I talked to the boy this weekend and he's coming home in a couple weeks :)
It's the only thing getting me through lately.

That was short and pathetic.
I'm doing two challenges then.

5. Weird Things You Do When You're Alone.

They're not really weird, but if people knew I did them they would think "oh that's weird, for her"
-dance in my room at night to exercise when I get lazy and don't feel like working out on the elliptical

-borrow my brother's ipod cd player and hook it up in the bathroom while I shower because a)I like to sing even though I am horrible at it and b)the dogs bark and make me think someone is breaking in.  The music over powers the barking.

-Clean...not so weird but I like doing it only when I'm alone

this is actually harder than I thought.
I've always known I'm weird, but it's hard to think of things. Besides, usually I let my weirdness show.

Oh well, have a great week :)

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