Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Red Couch

I want to and need to move out of my parents house so bad.
I've wanted to move out of this town for the past six years.
Yet here I am, age 22, able to move out and I'm not.
Next year I'm supposed to be getting a house with some friends in The City (as long as they haven't killed each other by then)
My brother and I discussed my situation last night and the conclusion was to not move out in this town and save my money for moving out next year.  Which is definitely the better idea.
Sure I'd like to move out now, but why? When I'll have to pay rent, groceries, transit etc next year.

Anyways, visiting the boy this weekend was making me think of what I would do/need when I move out.
I don't know how the groceries thing would work, but I figure everyone could chip in for the major stuff like milk, eggs, cheese, bread, etc.
And then if you want your own special food, like I love my Multi-Grain Cheerios, then I would pay for those myself.

I also realized that if they still have those couches when we move out together, well I might need to talk to them about getting a new one.  Those things are hard and uncomfortable!
I have this thing about owning a red couch when I have my own place.  I would desperately try to find one, or at least a cover.
That would be what I splurge on.
I'd hope that I've looked through enough pictures and watched enough decorating shows so I could make it somewhat decent while on a budget.
The girl that'd be moving with us gets excited over Ikea, so I'm sure she would be a big help.
Yes, I realize how pointless this is and I'm just dreaming right now.
But as it gets closer, I'll have a plan :)

This clock is a must.

this house makes me happy :)

Whoops! It seems like I got a bit carried away... :)


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

your adorable. :)

Adrian said...

I love looking at furniture! It makes me want to grow up just for the sole fact of decorating a house! haha. And I love that suitcase chair!

Kate said...

It's not pointless! It's fun thinking about having your own place. I still live at home too and probably won't actually have my own apartment for an extended period of time until after college, but its something I do think about a lot. I enjoy going to Target or wherever and picking out furniture, dishes, etc. for my future home :) And all of those rooms are so pretty. I think we have a similar design aesthetic. I love the clock too, haha.

Laura Wynn said...

Oh. My. Heck. That clock! huh-larious!3

Kaleena J. said...

I loved the saying on that picture with the birds.

S said...

Thanks for all the comments lately :)
You guys cheer me up after a rough day.