Monday, September 13, 2010

A Visit

I have so many ideas for how this post could go tonight.
I could rant about my job.  Again.
I could tell you about how I used to be a loner and then go into a rant about friends.
I really want to post about what I would do if I moved out will want to do when I move out.
But this post was already planned before I even got home.

I was asked to visit this past weekend.
Yes, already.
I was almost in awe? of the boy.
We were standing in the kitchen and he was tidying up while our food cooked and I had this little smile on my face, like wow, you've really settled in and seem so grown up.
It was so strange, but definitely in a good way.
And I'd like to visit again.
But next time I'll have to bring the laptop and a couple extra books.
Yes, I got bored.

It's difficult visiting someone.
They feel a need to keep you entertained, but they have their own stuff to do at the same time.
It'd be different if we lived together.
All my stuff would be there.
Know what I mean?
You can only bring so much to keep yourself entertained when you visit someone and if you're still getting to know the city you don't want to venture off on your own just yet.
I'm not saying this was a bad trip, it'll just take a few tries to get it right.

I didn't take a lot of random pictures, because a)the snapshot noise is sorta loud
b)the boy gave me the weirdest look when I took this picture, but he accepts my quirks.

Curly fries and a burger from Arby's

The weather was rainy, nothing new for us.
This visit was not rushed, but a last minute decision.
It was supposed to be less than 24 hours, but I kind of stay longer and got myself in trouble with my work.
I made a few lists on the ride home, one being what I will accomplish in two months.
But I lost the list and now can only remember -look for a new/another job and -apply to film school. oh! and save money.
Saving money is a big one on my list.

Now, for real, we're actually going to do this long distance thing.
As in, I won't visit until October.
He probably won't be home until Thanksgiving (October 11th) unless he visits before then.
So a month tops.
I'll survive :)
It's easier not seeing him than seeing him.
After I see him I get that slight pang in my chest.
But everything will be alright.  Lots of baking and Disney movies will get me through, and the hopes of a new
job on the horizon.
Have a relaxing week :)


Laura Wynn said...

Good luck with the long distance! Baking and movies seem like a great way to cope :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

i love visiting the person you adore. the boy i like might visit in oct. i am so happy about this thought. (trying not to thing about it toooo much.