Thursday, September 30, 2010

Things I Do/Don't Like About Myself

It's almost October!
Just realizing that...

7. Things you like/don't like about the way you look.
-I like my freckles
-I like how my eyes sometimes look black
-I like my shoulders
-I like that my body looks thin but healthy
-Okay, honestly I've never really liked that I don't have a super flat stomach.  That's the one thing that's always bothered me.  I have a flat stomach but a cushion-y one...
-I like my big feet :)  The only time I'm ever mad at them is when the size 10s are all gone.
-My scars from various minor injuries
-My curly-frizzy hair...on certain days when it decides to be obey my commands
-My cheek bones.  They're a favorite feature and one I tend to notice on other people as well.

Okay I'm done, I'm not in the mood to describe myself.  Besides, I have no big issues with the way I looks.  Just know that it took a few years to come to this conclusion, but I am happy now :)


jessfarquhar said...

I love cheekbones...

Kate said...

I'm size 10 too! And I have the same kind of stomach, flat but still soft. There's that little pudge at the bottom that just doesn't go away, grr. But I'm glad to hear you're mostly happy with your looks :)

GorJess said...

That's good :)
everyone should love their bodies
I'm a size 10 shoe too and I love it!

S said...

Yay for big feet!
Kate that's exactly it, that little pudge at the bottom. Oh well :)