Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October 1st!

I finished 'Beastly' by Alex Flinn yesterday :)
It was pretty good and I'd recommend reading it if you like fairy tales.
So after I read it I had to go and watch the Disney version, and with all the commercials for the Disney dvd coming out I'm now going to buy it.
Sigh, I wish I could own all the Disney movies on dvd.  We have most of them on vhs but they're old and some of them don't work anymore :(

Confession: At work sometimes when I'm bored I try and think of something I can blog about.  I'm bored most of the time so I put a lot of though into it but never end up writing what I was thinking about.
Yesterday I was thinking how I could write about love because I read a blog post I really liked that was inspiring but then I thought nahhh.
Or I could do another Fall post, except that requires pictures so maybe tomorrow because I plan on a Fall walk today and I'm actually quite excited.

There's always a fashion or food post.  But I've just been wearing t-shirts and jeans lately and food wise I was sick so I didn't want to contaminate my family (I think I was successful in not getting them sick! Hand sanitizer is my friend.)
But today I'm making banana bread courtesy of rotten bananas.
Then next week I'll be making an apple pie and probably cookies :)

I had other blog ideas that were pretty decent but now I can't remember them.

Oh my gosh! It's October today!
I like October.
Did you know it got it's name because "octo" means eight and it's the eighth month?  I didn't.
Time to start planning the Halloween costume.
This is one of my favourite places to drive lately.  The mall parking lot.  See those trees? They're full of color and the leaves fall off and dance across the pavement.  I love it!

8. Your last night out in detail
In detail huh?  Well......oh my gosh, since it's October that means cheesy Disney Channel Halloween movies !!!  So I went out last Saturday.  My friend B called me asked if I wanted them to pick me up.  Them?  Turns out he had a girl with him.  I was the third wheel, but I didn't even realize that until we were at the movie.  He was asking what was happening with me and the boy (his best friend).  We went to Starbucks before hand, I got a white chocolate mocha.  Then he dropped the girl and I off at the theater while he found a parking spot.  We talked a bit, it wasn't super awkward like it usually is for me.  There were tons of kids coming out of the owl movie (yeah I know it's name but I just like to call it 'the owl movie' and I want to see it)
There was discussion of one of the employees looking like a celebrity, they got food....We saw "Devil".
It was one of M. Night Shyamalan's better films, but "Signs" will still always scare me the most.
We all agreed we're taking the stairs from now on.
They dropped me off at home.  The End.

Thank you guys for following me :)  49 followers!  That's awesome!
Have a super fantastic weekend!


jessfarquhar said...

I frequently fantasize about blog posts I might write too. In the shower and on the bus usually and I come up with really great, interesting ideas but I usually forget about them or can't be bothered...
Hehe, I think the owl movie is called Guardians. It makes me laugh everytime I see the previews for it because the Aussie accent just makes it look so comical... why do we have such a strange accent?? :P

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

confession i want to be friends with you on facebook! (i am a dork yesh!) (but i consider you a friend!)

Elleira said...

I believe october is the tenth month of the year.. hehe :P

S said...

-Whoops! I feel like an idiot:) It's the eighth month in the old Roman calendar.

-Aw :) I consider you a friend too!