Thursday, October 14, 2010

Avoiding The Ex. Fail.

19. Post a picture of yourself without your make up/hair done.
There aren't a lot of pictures of me lately, so this is what you get:

20. Your best sexual experience/your sex life or lack therof.
Wow this 30 Day Challenge keeps getting deeper and deeper into my life huh?
Let's just leave it at that and move along.

21. Press Control & V and post
Sometimes, I'll watch a film that I watched when I was younger and suddenly realise I had no idea what was going on when I first saw it.
Ha, I just read Kaleena's blog.
Check her out if you haven't already!

22. Post a bit of your last IM conversation.
Well, it was via facebook and I'm logged off now.
I was talking to a friend about our love lives.  He was kind of bummed out and I was listening..reading.

23. Five things you want to change
1. How often I see the boy.  Definitely once a month at least.
2. My room.  Even if I just add a shelf.
3. How late I stay on the computer.  I'm sucking up precious sleeping time right now.
4. Exercise habits.  Even if I just do abs because I tend to work fast at work and consider those 4-6 hours five days a week a good work out and then I'm just too tired to do the elliptical when I get home.
5. My wardrobe..more like add pieces to it.  But that comes with time and a better paycheck.

Here's a slightly amusing story for you.

 I saw "The Ex" today.
Yes, I'm talking the one guy I dated when I was 15, the one who is married, the one who I saw while I was at work and ran down the freezer aisle just to avoid awkward conversation.
Tonight, was uggggggh.
Brother- "Hey look, there's M."
I turn and look, "Agh!" and then bump into my brother trying to hide.
Brother- "what are you doing?"
Me- "I hide from people I know!"
Mom- "That was really loud."
Brother- "Yeah it was."
Walking past another aisle, my brother smirks...
Brother- "Hey look who it is..."
Me- "No," I keep walking."
So after successfully avoiding M the entire shopping trip, I stopped to talk to my Mom on the way out and I felt a pat on my shoulder and hear a "Hey".
My face went red by the way.
I just really don't like seeing people I knew in high school, unless it's to show off to guys I used to have a crush on that I look good (at least I think so).


Laura Wynn said...

baha, sorry S! It's so comforting to know I'm not the only one who hides from people they used to know! oh man, silliness :)

Kaleena J. said...

Seriously, would anyone really answer #20? That's just uncomfortable for everyone.

Kaleena J. said...

Oh and thanks for the reference :D

the one you pasted was one of my faves out of the whole list! ha ha

S said...

It reminded me of when I watched The Beauty and The Beast the other day because I realized how sad it is and as a kid you just remember the pretty parts or the fact that you wanted to sing in a field full of those puffy dandelion seeds like Belle.