Thursday, October 14, 2010


Guys, costume shopping is hard.
There are so many options, but I want to be something good.
The boy came up with a couples costume, did I tell you this?
It would involve me looking like this:
Well not exactly because that's Kate Beckinsale, but you get in the idea.
Little Red Riding Hood.
He'd be the wolf.

Except the costume is fifty dollars, so I'm going to thrift it which is way better in my opinion.
But we're having trouble with the wolf part.  Spriti gum and fur stuck to his face is not really an option, so we're on the hunt for a mask.

But I need a back up plan.  I wanted to have my costume set this week, but it looks like it'll have to be by next weekend.  Forreals this time.

I'd get a sparkly red dress out of it, wear fake lashes, have red lips and be freezing.
I'm stoked on the fakes lashes more than anything.
Sure I lack the chest for it, but it's still a cute costume.

I'm actually starting to panic.
I always do this though.
Last year I also wanted to be a roller girl and the chick from "The Birds" and have birds glued to me which is a pretty awesome idea if I do say so myself.

I could go as Sandy from Grease...I'd just need a wig.
When I'm old, like 30 :P I'm going to be Doc from "Back to The Future".

A cupcake would be cute :)
A lady bug!

Le sigh.
I'm running out of time and I have legit plans this year!
I want a good costume. No, great!
I could just get a bunch of meat and drape it over me and go as Lady Gaga...?


Café Bellini said...

Hahahha you're so funny. You could do anything crazy and say it's Lady Gaga! Last year Amy Winehouse was popular... and I was the Little Red Riding Hood when I was eight years old or something!

S said...

Ha that is so true.
She is definitely a unique individual..