Friday, October 15, 2010

Smell Good, Johnny Depp and an Empty Dish

24. 5 Turn Ons & 5 Turn Offs.

Turn ons- 1. Blue eyes/blonde hair
2. Smelling good
3. Being slightly aggressive
4. Being able to argue/banter with me
5. Being able to be a dork with me :)

Turn offs- 1. Acting like a douche
2. No aggression at all
3. Not getting to the point
4. Always talking about yourself
5. You know when guys get with their friends and acting completely different? I hate that, I've accepted it but sometimes they acting like the biggest douche in the world...I guess that's the same as number 1.

25. Someone you'd like to be for a day and why?
An actress...but who to pick?  Someone talented of course.
Why? because I'd like to know if it's what I actually want to do.  I want to see how hard it is, what it's like to be on set...all the things that come with acting.
I think I'd like to be Johnny Depp actually or Meryl Streep.

26. Five things within touching distance right now
Cell phone, mouse, camera, Season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, an empty dish that contained carrots and ranch dressing.

Only four more to go...


Taylor said...

I think I would like to DATE Johnny Depp, I've probably had a crush on him since I was 14 years old. :)

I hate when guys act differently around their friends, but it shows that they have some sort of insecurity issues - to me, atleast. And when people talk about themselves forever...ughhhhh.

Erika said...

I absolutely love your list of turn-offs. I couldn't agree more with doucheness. :)