Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Delight :)

My to-do list is getting completed...slowly.
Let's start this week with the last four answers of the 30 Day Challenge and some pictures of my Halloween decorations!

27. Name and shame- someone's status/someone is general on Facebook that makes you cringe
Hmmm, unfortunately that person would be my cousin and he has no stupid status today.  Bummer.

28. An embarrassing/awkward situation you've found yourself in
Many, many, many.
One that stands out is riding with a friend's boyfriend who I don't know very well.
We asked each other how life is and then it was silent.
Luckily we had just had dinner and they gave out suckers after the meal, so I purposely crunched on it loudly the whole drive home :)

29. Something you're not proud of
Jokingly calling a friend a bitch in elementary school and everyone found out about it and threw pine cones at her.  It's a long story, that's the short of it :(

30. The last argument you had
Uhhhh.  Something with one of my brothers I suppose.  Ohhh, I was playing Bubble Island on Facebook and I was getting frustrated, well my brother decided to shove my arm with his foot to make me mess up.  I get into the game hardcore once I'm nearing the end of a level.  It was a pathetic little argument and I am too addicted to Facebook book games at the moment.

Huh, that's it!
If I'm bored enough maybe I'll do the 30 Day Song Challenge....Oooooo.

Once upon a time, I actually made that pumpkin when I used to sew.

Don't you love my added touch of the mouse in the Jack-O-Lantern's mouth?
Sorry for my immaturity, but I found it amusing when I walked into the kitchen to see this sticker peeling off, giving me the bird.

An accessory from a past costume of my Mom's.
I love these wall grabbers!
I'm hoping to find some more stickers tomorrow..and make caramel apples.
And get my Halloween costume together.
I love Halloween :)
I just found this skeleton sticker that is for you car window, so that it looks like he is your passenger.  I must find it!

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Kate said...

Haha, I guess I am immature too because I thought the peeling skeleton hand was really funny. Love your enthusiasm for Halloween! It's so much fun :)