Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Red's Missing Hood

Le sigh.
While I was sweeping at work today I was thinking (I do that a lot) about how my blogs are dull lately and that I don't like writing about my day or venting about work unless it's something interesting which rarely happens, it's usually more of a 'you had to be there' kinda thing.
But this time I do have a few things to share with you.
Shoot, no photo uploads.
I've been hanging out with the girls quite a bit lately.  Practically all weekend, it was fun though :)
I just about have my entire costume ready to go.  I just need the main part of Little Red Riding Hood.
Yeah, the hooded cape.
I keep spending money lately and I shouldn't be.
There's $80 I want to spend, on boots and a dress (which I have a picture of) for the concert coming up.
But I'm spending this last pay check rather quickly.
I think I need a full time job.  That scares me, my hours would be doubled.

Moving on, how do you get someone to get a job without being a nag?
As in, they don't leave the house to apply places.
How would you get them out to apply?
I was thinking of just saying we should go to the mall and he should bring some resumes.
I mean, if it was a he...this is all hypothetical of course.

I think tonight is a cookie baking and exercise night.

Are you carving a pumpkin this year? Or pumpkins?
I plan on it this weekend, along with (hopefully) making a hooded cape, I just don't know what to carve mine as yet.
I like the idea of making it into a house..
Or I'll just do a scary face >:)


amanda leeann said...

Working full time is scary! But it's also not so bad :) I work 35 hours a week, but it's split between two totally different workplaces, so I think that helps.

I really want to carve a pumpkin this weekend even though I'm not good at it, haha.

Taylor said...

I feel as though my blog has dull moments, too, but I don't think yours is dull - i like hearing about people's days and thoughts, even if they aren't SUPER exciting! When does super exciting stuff happen anyway!?

I want to carve a pumpkin very badly, but I have never carved one before. And also, my room mate carved one and It got all funky on the inside...aka MOLDY! ew, it is gross.

I hope you find the perfect cape for your Halloween costume.

Kaleena J. said...

Ha! This title is very awesome with the content of your blog. I like it. :)

A way to get somebody to get a job without being a nag... hmm... maybe invite them to do stuff A LOT that involves money so they would have to get a job to participate?

Also, I don't find your blog lame or boring, I do feel though that my blog has it's up and downs. I think we all feel that way at some point.

GorJess said...

your blog is def not boring
i'm gonna go to the pumpkin patch
i've never carved a pumpkin before but i'm gonna try and see what happens!

S said...

Thank you :)
I love you guys!
Good luck you first time pumpkin carvers! The best parts are seeing your carved pumpkin with a candle in it and the yummy pumpkin seeds!