Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dress Decisions

Agghh.  Halloween plans are changing.  I don't like it.
Anyways, I've found four dresses that I'm thinking about for the concert...yeah two of them I found a couple weeks ago and they're probably gone, but does that stop me from showing you? No.
And true the other two there was only 1 in my size and 1 in the next size up of the other....
This is the one that is in my size.
It has black sequins, sorry the change room was small and they only have mirrors on the door (I hate that!)
It's from Urban Planet for $40, I would've bought it then, but I needed my personal shopper: Mom.
I'd wear tights of course..and some boots I can jump around in.

Black tank dress with sequins.
From Winners.

This had a pattern of sequins and a lace sleeve (love the lace!)

I love this one on the hanger.  Love.
But on?  Not so much.  It's like the first one but with silver.
The back is scooped down to about the middle of my back.
Urban Planet $40.

Yes, that is a crow in my purse.
Four actually.
Halloween decorations :)

Doodling my costume...I just need the cape..I'm bitter about it.

New purse!
I found it by accident and, lucky me, it was the last one!
I'm so stoked on it.

Yes.  That is an m&m's donut.

I've been busy deleting old photos off my phone and found this wonderful one from Easter.
'Dude Da' Bunny!'
I tried to get my Mom to buy it.  I failed.

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Kate said...

That M&Ms donut..... WANT. And I don't even like donuts. So frustrating when clothes look good on the hanger but when you try it on it's just not right. And I still haven't come to a decision about what I'm going to be for Halloween... haha. Good luck with your costume, I think Red Riding Hood will be cute :)