Monday, October 4, 2010

Whistle While You Work

I had a tough weekend.
Writing is the only way I'll admit to how I was feeling.
Writing in my journal helped some, but there's something about my fingers flying across the keyboard that is relaxing.
I talked to the boy one night.
It was our longest conversation in a month and I hadn't talked to him in about a week.
I said how it was a bit weird not seeing him as much, which with anybody that would be weird.
It's not like I miss him every single day, I don't think he gets that but whatever.
Because then he went on to say how we're both solo people, which yeah we are.
It's something I had been thinking a lot about last week.  About how I know I can survive on my own blah blah blah (I feel like I've exhausted this topic talking about it to everybody I know)
Anyways, I just didn't like that he pointed it out even though I've been pointing it out to everyone.
It's the smallest worry in the world but it bugged me.
I'm not a mushy person and have never had the desire to be one of those coupley-couples since I was fifteen, but we just sounded like two friends talking...which isn't a bad thing, he's the closest thing I have to a best friend besides my mom.  But...I don't know...
I'm just in a mood.
Agh! This is so ridiculous!
It probably didn't help that -I got asked to be a third wheel Saturday night
-Then I ended up being a third wheel with a different party
-And then I dropped my little brother off with his girlfriend

Normally being the third wheel doesn't bother me, but ...I don't know what was is going on with me.
Now I understand how long distance can be hard.
For most people it's a trust thing, right?
That's not even the case.
It's like The Universe has decided to rub it in my face that my boyfriend is three hours and $33.00 away (which by the way, that price is going down soon!  Yay!!!)
Four days to go...
Have I mentioned that I'm most likely picking him up?
Time to start planning my 'haven't you missed me?' outfit.  Just kidding, but not really.

These are the mundane thoughts that entered my head last night:
Curly or straight hair? Skirt? No skirt....But it's Fall and it's tights weather...I want flat boots.  Maybe the shirt I bought when I was over there...No because then I'd most likely be wearing all black...Maybe I'll get my ear pierced this week, no I need to save money.  I want a tattoo, but what of? Ugh, I wish I could find the perfect black skirt, I want to wear tights.  I kind of want some ankle boots...  Curly or straight hair?

According to Snow White you're supposed to whistle while you work, not think.

On a good note, I've been getting quite a bit of reading done :)
I just finished "Bad Girls Don't Die" by Katie Alender.  It's was pretty good, agh I always say that.  It was a freaky little book, wasn't expecting that, so I refrained from reading it at night, alone, in my bedroom.

Strange dream last night, I was reading blogs in my dream.

Have a superb week!
Yes, I'm using the thesaurus....

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Kate said...

I love writing and typing, getting my thoughts down always feels good :) I did a long distance relationship last year and it was hard. I think it makes you confront things you might not otherwise talk about... good sometimes, but could also be not so good if you're like me if you're bad at phone-talking and you end up saying stupid things without totally thinking it through first, haha. We're not long distance anymore though and things are good, so no worries. Oh and I vote curly hair :) I don't know if that's outside the norm for you but I usually wear mine straight so I'd switch it up for fun.