Friday, November 12, 2010

2. Piercings & Tattoos

2. Talk about your piercings and tattoos, if you have any

I have my ears pierced, including cartilage.  I'd like to get the inside part of my ear pierced, I can't remember what it's called.  The daith perhaps?
That's all I have, but I've wanted my lip pierced forever but I won't do it.  Maybe when I hit 40 years old.
I would like to get a tattoo this year or next year sometime.  Just a small heart on my pointer finger.
You see whenever I used permanent markers, my doodling preference, I always get a spot on that finger because clearly I have trouble hitting the page.  So I always make it into a heart instead of having this random dot on my finger for a couple days.  That's my story of the tattoo I want, kind of lame but I like it.
I think this tattoo would be cool to get.
I love skulls.
I also wouldn't mind a small cupcake on my neck.

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Anonymous said...

ohh a cupcake! that would be adorable! i am such a wuss, i would be so scared to get the inside thing on my ear pierced.