Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hummingbird Heartbeat

I'm doing another 30 day challenge, out of boredom.
Sorry guys :)

1.  Your middle name and how you feel about it.
I feel it's boring, but it works.  My friend said, quote, "Every white girl's middle name is Dawn."
So that about sums that up.

Change of subject.
I was just looking at the blog of this guy that used to live in town, he's doing some fashion stuff now and modelling...something like that.
Anyway, he posted some random pictures.
He's on the east coast now.

How can people just decide to go somewhere.
I wish I could do that.  I'd be nervous but I'd love to do that.
Part of the problem is that I still live at home and my parents pipe in with their thoughts.
They don't even like me to travel two hours away from home.
I guess that's what happens when you grow up being close to them huh?
But sometimes it can be suffocating.

Next year, I will take a trip.  Despite what they say.
I think some friends plan to go to Mexico.  I've never had the desire to go to Mexico, ever, it just doesn't sound appealing.  But I think that I might like to.  I'd get a vacation, I'd be with friends, it'd be the furthest I've been from home without my parents.
I went to Comic Con in San Diego last year with out them and that went perfectly fine.

Agh, sometimes I just get these random ideas in my head and need to write them out.
It always helps.
These aren't journal thoughts, these are just.....blogging is like brain storming kind of....and venting.  It's relaxing.
I save the heavy or cutesy stuff for my journal.
It's personal.
Usually the things I tell you guys on here is stuff I've told my family, random people at work and their grandmothers, you know?

Confession:I hope when I'm older that my house looks like this at Christmas.

Another Confession: I can't stop listening to "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry..."Hummingbird Heartbeat" is good too :)

Don't forget to have a moment of silence tomorrow!
Oh shoot, I need a poppy.

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Laura Wynn said...

Did you come up with this challenge? I'd like to do it too! and, I want that house, and I'm obsessed with Teenage Dream, and we really need to get off the same wave length :)
Happy Thursday, S!