Monday, November 22, 2010

Feels Like Tuesday

7. How you came across blogger and how your life has changed since joining
I read peoples blogs and decided to try it out.  It turned into a "Twilight" blog at one point so I deleted all of my old posts and started fresh :)
How has my life changed?
I think I'm a bit more odd, but that's not a bad thing.
And I've met so many fantastic people that inspire me, it's wonderful.
Oh yeah and I say words like, 'wonderful', 'fantastic', and 'lovely' all the time now.

It snowed again.
It was a surprise actually.
What was even more surprising was my first drive ever in snow.
It was successful.
I am now the girl who lived.

I took pictures of the snow, unfortunately they are not the best because I was at work and the landscape is not the best.
The lovely curb.

The gorgeous back parking lot where I decided to park on a skating rink.

This is called not knowing how to use your camera properly.

I have a picture of the boy and I to share:

Sorry watching too much of "The Walking Dead" lately.

Goals For This Week:
-Start my Christmas baking and freeze some
-Don't spend more than $50. I'd rather not spend any but that is my limit for the week.
-Finish cleaning my room.  Again.  Clothes seem to pile up on the floor each week, I'm not too sure how it's happening.  My guess is fairies.
-Clean the upstairs for Mom
-Read, read, read
-Start Grandma's birthday card
-Fix wind-shield wipers
-Have a fire (in the fireplace of course) and relax (reading is included in this)

Ugh, I don't like when my brain is ahead of the days. It feels like Tuesday :(

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Laura Wynn said...

aha! The girl who lived! I just saw HP. good, good. I say all sorts of weird things now too, since starting to blog. hmm..I wonder why. Maybe we should do a study or something. (sorry, geek alert!)