Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mini Marshmallows Are So Happy

Isn't it wonderful how other people's lives entertain us?
I will be living vicariously through all of you for the next couple of weeks, so please be interesting.

I have officially started full time at work, it's just for the moment...but it means being more tired, more money, less time to go visit the boy, I'll be too tired to hang out with the family as much, less time for Christmas baking.
I'm not going to dwell on it too much though :)
But I did send a message out to the two people I hang out with the most that my social life will be lacking.
Can you tell I'm addicted to the ipod touch camera?

I intend to make a winter list this week but for now it has disappeared from my brain.
The snow has ceased for today, but I heard rumours from the weather man that it will be back by Thursday.
When it snows again I intend to sit by the fire and drink my hot cocoa with the mini marshmallows my wonderful mom remembered to buy as I forgot :)
Don't mini marshmallows put a smile on your face?

It's Thanksgiving this weekend isn't it?  Being Canadian...Eh, I already had mine (fantastic weekend by the way) but Happy Thanksgiving!!
I'm slightly jealous, I've always wanted to participate in the event that is Black Friday.

You know what's coming up fast?
That is my tentative move out date.
There will be 4 room mates, including the boy.
If you live with a boyfriend, how long did you wait to move in together?

On with the show!
8. Are you a fitness guru or a couch potato? Talk about your exercise habits.
I like exercise, really I do.
It's just finding the motivation to do it.
I can sit on the couch and talk about how I want to go on the elliptical which is right next to the couch, but then I don't bother.
I exercise at work...kind of.  6 hours of being on my feet, lots of walking, so there is my cardio.
Heavy lifting-arms.
When I remember, I tighten my abs while I walk.
See how that works?
I'm going to start doing abs at home again and lifting weights.  I'm forgetting the cardio for now because every time I begin doing it, the next week I'm sick.

Happy Tuesday!


Laura Wynn said...

"Please be interesting"? Ack! Can't handle the pressure! :) April is insanely soon. How fun to have the boy as a roomie! I've never lived with a bf..so can't answer that question. But, sounds like so much fun.

Jan said...

If you live with a boyfriend, how long did you wait to move in together?

We were together 3 long years before I informed him that we were moving in together (he's Irish and was comfortable living at home so I needed to give him a kick). And 1 week after that I asked him to marry me (he was a little bit surprised but said yes and we got married in July).

Cute blog!

Kelsey said...

I love mini marshmellows too! They make hot chocolate so much better! As for living with the boy, we moved in together a year after we started dating. Things changed, but we made it through. Just be sure to let yourself have your time, it gets hard when your with someone everday and night. Time with friends will become important.

Hope this helps :)

Kaleena J. said...

Me and Steve were dating for a year and a few months before we moved in together. At first, it seemed like we were rushing, but I'm so glad we did, we are closer than ever and it really takes your relationship to a level of complete trust and loyalty.

hope it works out for you, good luck!