Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Two Questions

I've decided I'm saving up and going to buy myself a new ipod because mine is dunzo (remember the days of "Laguna Beach"?) or a cheap laptop that works.
I splurged and bought an xbox 2 months ago, but I haven't used it lately and it's depressing me.
It's hard because, I use my ipod/my mom's computer all the time and so I don't know which to pick, plus either one will be a whole pay check.
I'm trying to save and only spend money on the certain groceries I buy, gas and the $33 I spend to visit the boy.
I want to move out next year, but I'd like to have that nice cushion of cash in my bank account before I do so.
I hate money.

How do you treat yourself/indulge?
Usually I give myself a pedicure or paint my finger nails.
...or decide I need another pair of boots.
That's my problem.  I'm a fashion person.  It sucks sometimes.  Yet, I can find t-shirts that I like.  Odd.

That's my sob story for today.

I'm so tempted to make my Winter/Christmas to-do list tonight, but I think I'll hold off for two weeks.
I was reading Taylor's list and then I realized one thing that will most likely be on my list: buy a gift for the boy.
I've only had to do that once (we dated off and on for a two months it was stupid, we were 15)
But now I have a boy in my life that means a lot to me and I have no idea what I'll get him...or if I will get him anything.
I'm sure the discussion will come up but maybe we should just decide against gifts and instead have a movie night , order in dinner or go out, eat junk food, play video games...have fun together :)  Sure it'd be like any other night but that'd be a good gift to me.

 I just enjoy spending time with him.

Enough boy talk.
Time to sleep.
Here's a good question: How do you fall asleep at night?
I tend to get sleepy watching Full House dvds, but only because I've seen every episode a million times and so I can usually picture whats going on as I fall asleep.

P.S. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my new header and costume :)


Laura Wynn said...

Boots! Sounds perfect :)
I usually treat myself to sushi or frozen yogurt. nom nom nom.
Good luck with your purchases!

Taylor said...

Thanks for the shout out, cutie :) I hate money too, in fact it is making me worry again. I get paid on Friday and I am sure 100% of my earnings will go into a cash register at Walmart, I have no food and or conditioner for my hair (I don't know which is worse). I can't, but have to, begin thinking about gifts for the holidays. It doesn't help that Mom, Dad and twin sisters are all celebrating birthdays in the next two weeks! Gahhh

Kaleena J. said...

HAHA! I LOVED Laguna Beach, especially Kristin.