Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Zombie Baby

My boyfriend the massive gamer has decided to give up games until he gets into college.
This is an intense goal.
People on facebook are betting other people's nuts on whether he will do this or not.
I think he can do it, I think it'll be hard but he has the motivation, it's just school costs a lot of money...Hmm.

In other news I had a wonderful day with my son.
I had a son, didn't you know this?
Having this little tyke in our shopping cart was so much fun!
You should've seen the looks we got from everyone.
I was in the change room at one point and I heard a man say "That's one creepy looking kid."
It was a good day :)

Be jealous.
We took a trip to a cupcake store today :)  So yum!
If you ever take a trip to B.C. I'll give you the address. 
I don't know how many places do this (they're probably sold out most of the time) but at this place they give you a free day old cupcake with your purchase.
Seriously good.
Smore's cupcake: genius.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back tonight!
I haven't gotten very far in my list this weekend.
Sleeping, dusting, partially cleaning my room, I won't get around to baking cookies, I did rent a video game though.
I've been playing the Saw II game.  My brother and I have a thing for Saw.  I have no idea why.
I made a goal to exercise tonight!
I had coffee with my Mom yesterday and lunch today :)  We had a great time shopping today.
As much as it pains me to spend the money, I've decided to buy myself a cheap laptop.  I use it enough, so that should make it worth it.  I hope.

Tomorrow I must exercise before I go to work, finish cleaning my room and organizing my shelf and vacuum.
I don't like working Sunday nights :(
I'll channel Peter Pan and think happy thoughts: One week until I see the boy!

Have relaxing Sunday!


Kaleena J. said...

I love zombies AND babies so I like that baby. :)

and seriously, that s'mores cupcake looks DELICIOUS. I've never heard of that flavor before.

Taylor said...

S'mores cupcakes, ingenious! I want a cupcake now, ugh! I hope you had a fun weekend!

Laura Wynn said...

and that baby! So precious. :)