Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Goodnight :)

My weekend starts tomorrow at approximately 1pm.
I have goals for this weekend, which means a lovely list :)

-Clean my room (yes it's messy again!)
-My Mom and I have decided we want to try Guinness 
-Bake cookies
-Rent a video game

-Talk to the boy
-Watch Pirates of the Caribbean (all of them, I used to do this once a month)
-Cook dinner for my family
-Go for coffee and a donut with my Momma
-Read, read, read :)
-Take a good look at my bank account and decide on an ipod or a laptop (but I probably will get neither because I am cheap)
-Clean the house
This is exactly how I feel.


Kate said...

Yay for lists! Sounds like you have a good weekend planned... cookie baking and watching Pirates sounds like an awesome plan to me :) And I swear every time I clean my room its already starting to accumulate crap again within a matter of days. So annoying.

Taylor said...

This sounds so perfect. I feel like you and I have similar interests. I loooove Pirates of the Caribbean, it seems so fun to watch them all three in a row! And once a're committed. I miss going for coffee runs with my mom, hope you hve fun with your momma!!