Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Is Love? (2)

Tonight my Mom announced that she thinks my brother is in love.
I'm not sure what the exact topic of conversation was but it had to do with him and she said, quote, "I guess it's love that makes you go dumb."
It amused me, yes.
I rolled my eyes; I've been retreating back to my cynical self lately.

Later on we discovered he left his ipod at home while he went out with her.
"He must be in love," I said.
This is a boy who always has a stupid ear bud stuck to the side of his head.

Love is supposed to make you happy and he is.

And the person you love is supposed to make you a better person, he hasn't changed much...I guess that's good, I just wish he would do more chores.  Haha.

I need to start asking people what love is.

Some people say you shouldn't question it, you just know.
That sounds a bit ridiculous to me.
Of course you're going to question it, and then one day it'll SMACK! hit you in the face.

I don't like that I question love.
I used to be a romantic to the max, then I was insanely cynical, then this summer I found a happy I'm so confused.

All these thoughts of love are swimming about my brain lately.
I think I understand that "in love" thing a bit more now.
You can love someone and be friends, but to be in love with someone is something entirely different...correct?

I've made a goal to learn a lot more on people's (mostly my family) views on love.
I want to know what little things the one they/you love does for you that lets you know they love you, or what you do for them.
To me it's not saying "I love you", it's someone getting you a blanket before you can even ask because they know you're always cold.  That kind of thing.
Or seeing leaves blow across the road and then in that moment wishing they were there.


jessfarquhar said...

Love is calling my boyfriend in the early morning and hearing his hoarse voice on the other side. I can hear he's not quite with it yet but before I hang up he tells me drowsily "I... love.. you".

Kaleena J. said...

I love all of those quotes you used in this post. Mostly the first one and the one Lauren said ( i remember that episode :) )

I used to be like Tom from 500 days of Summer when it came to love... now I feel like I'm more like Summer... :s

GorJess said...

Hi, Boring girl, this is "Gorjess'" sister Janice =)
& i gotta say I disagree with your opinion of love.
If you've ever seen the movie Tyler Perry's "Madea's family Reunion" there is a scene with the old ladies talking about love to the younger women & Cecily Tyson said " thing love is not, it is not unsure" When you find the right one you just know, you will look into their eyes & just know that they are the one for you,The connection between you two will be very strong. its a very amazing experience, but it can be scary because of how fast & unbelievable everything happens or how much you feel for a stranger. you'll never understand it if you haven't felt it, I have. and so have many other people. there isn't a happy medium or middle ground its HEAVEN or HELL? its the love you feel in your soul, in your bones. I think everyone has one of these people for them but many people either run away or just decide to build their own love with a person over time because its more "comfortable" it's the "norm" its "believable"& not take a chance or wait for the Gift of love that will be given to them. Really true love is crazy & ridiculous, unbelievable, indescribable. it just is, no over thinking, no list. no time at all.
"love doesn't make list" that's what my pastor told me.

Taylor said...

Just for the record - I think it is good to question everything a little bit. Even the happiest things, like love. I don't think that it can be easily understood, so why not question it? It would be naive not to.

S said...

Thanks for your answers guys! I love hearing what you think love is :)