Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What Is Love? (3)

Just watched this week's episode of The Walking Dead
Love is someone telling you they might move back home and you are torn because you would like them to but that's selfish and you would like them to be successful where they are living now.

Love is also agreeing that you need cheeseburgers at midnight.

I'm kinda liking Cage the Elephant's new single "Shake Me Down".

2 comments: said...

ohh miss. i struggle with this everyday. being far away from your love is so hard. half of me wants jj to quit his job and live with me where we would be poor and live off of top ramen, and the other half wants to smack myself in the head.

Megan said...

I have to agree on the cheeseburgers but for us it is chocolate and ice cream.