Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: A Year In Review

I realize I am a bit early for this but I need something positive to think about.

November 2009, my life completely did a 180.
But this is about 2010 isn't it?

-I made the first move and called the boy after I thought I bombed New Year's Eve.
-I went to a club for the first time
-I had friends I hung out with on a whim for the first time
-I got asked out by two other boys and turned them down
-I liked the boy off and on for a million years and finally decided we were going to be best friends and nothing more (he didn't know this of course)
-I didn't have a birthday party but I did have dinner with the 'best friend' and my family
-I bought my first car
-I got my first kiss where I actually felt something and liked the boy in return
-I watched fireworks with a boy for the first time (something I've always wanted to do and feel the need to acknowledge it)
-I went to Beach Town (a couple towns over;it has the best beaches) with a boy for the first time (This was a dream of mine since I was 14)
-Went skim boarding for the first time
-Went on a road trip for the first time (Yes, I am counting a 3 hour drive as a road trip)
-Got drunk for the first time
-Took a boy to my Grandfather's house for the first time
-Saw a ton of movies
-Went camping
-The boy moved and I enrolled in a long distance relationship
-Went to an amazing concert
-Had Wendy's at midnight
-Next will be snowboarding for the first time and Christmas with a boy I care about, say it once more: for the first time

What are your big accomplishments this year (I probably know some because of your blogs :) or your resolutions (I don't make resolutions, I usually have weekly goals though)

Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas!
Confession: I'm always more excited for Christmas Eve than Christmas Day.
Confession #2: Christmas day I am an extremely lazy and greasy person.  This year I'll get all fancied up: I'll wear a skirt and throw on some tights!

Have a wonderful rest of the week!
And if I want to read all about your fantastic boxing day finds if you decide to brave the stores :)

I'm in a much better mood after writing this.
I should get a new notebook and do this, my other one is full.


Laura Wynn said...

"(he didn't know this of course)"
That's my favorite part. :) Sounds like you had such a great year!!

Taylor said...

I love lists like this :) Looks like 2010 was a success for you. I love reflecting over happy memories.

GorJess said...

awww I love this post!

Kaleena J. said...

I enjoyed reading this! I made one of these a while ago for it to be scheduled.. i forgot i did that til I read this! haha

sounds like you had a great year.

happy holidays!