Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Take A Moment

I've been neglecting how I feel lately.
I think that's a massive problem.
I never address how I feel.
Whether it be to my journal, my friends, my mom, my brothers, the boy, the blog etc.
And I've been neglecting myself.
I think that's why I bought myself so many presents.
I never spend money.  That is a fact.
I buy gas, food, bus fare, toothpaste, floss, you know, the necessities.

Ah yes neglecting feelings.
I've been feeling a wave of emotions.
I've been so confident and happy with my body the last year and all of a sudden that disappeared.
It's like when Peter Pan lost his shadow.
So if anyone finds a confident personality floating around send her back my way please.
I've been exhausted, grumpy because I'm exhausted, overwhelmed...many feelings.
It's overwhelming just writing them out.

I need some time to myself soon.
Usually I get a few hours a day for a nap and some time to myself, I need it.
The last month I've been working 37+ hours a week, so I get home at 3pm visit the family, eat dinner and then go to bed.
No time to myself.
Finally I'm back at my normal hours and I still have no time to relax and paint my nails (which I find relaxing for some reason).
There's last minute shopping to do for my dad (he is immobile at the moment), I visited him at the hospital everyday for the last week.
Is it just me or are hospitals extremely exhausting?
So I'd go shopping, go to the hospital, go home do the dishes and then off to bed.
Now I am playing nurse and it's quite tiring as well.

Sorry to complain, I really try not to because who wants to read someone else's complaints?

My point is make sure you get at least an hour or two to yourself everyday or else you'll run yourself down and possibly be an explosion of tears at some point.

So if blogging relaxes you like it does me, do it.
Bake, paint your nails, nap, read, exercise, draw (I've been doing more of this lately and it's helping ease a lot of tension), do anything that you find relaxing or that takes your mind out of reality for a bit.  We all need and deserve it.

I need some luck this week for baking (I really don't want to send the boy black Christmas cookies for his family), finding snow pants and snowboarding (my first time!)

Here's to relaxing tonight and feel well rested tomorrow :)


Laura Wynn said...

mm..Take Luck my friend! This was a super helpful post, thank you. I've been walking around, afraid I'll burst into tears..and I think this might be why. Hope your sleep was fabulous. :)

Laura Wynn said...

ps-could you email me? I have a proposition for ya.