Saturday, December 18, 2010

Maybe This Christmas

I've been a terrible blogger lately.
But I have been keeping up to date with my journal, usually just bullet points because I'm so busy with work, finishing my shopping (which is pretty much done by the way) and other various things.

It was supposed to snow today and I have been disappointed by Jack Frost once again.
I thought we were pals Jack.

The house is clean, the tree is up it's lights are twinkling, all it needs is our Disney decorations and the angel and it's ready for presents to pile up underneath.

I am exhausted.
Apparently I wrapped presents last night, but I can't remember because I was just that zonked.

A chocolate house.
Yes.  Chocolate :)

It'd be quite interesting if my legs really were that long.

I managed to wrap lovely this year!
I think the bows help :)

Make a grilled banana and Nutella sandwich.
I used a sandwich maker.

Confession: Every year around this time I begin watching seasons 1-4 of The O.C. over again.  For some reason The O.C. reminds me of Christmas.
Yes I am odd.

No blogging for awhile, I'm sure the same goes for everyone.
Everyone is visiting with family, baking and shopping, all those wonderful things :)
Have a lovely holiday!


GorJess said...

Nutella is yummy!
I'll miss your wonderful posts.
Merry Christmas to you and yours :)

S said...

Nutella is the best!

Laura Wynn said...

Nutella and banana sandwich?! I must have one NOW! Have a Happy Holiday S!!