Friday, December 3, 2010

The Christmas Shopper Failure

An apology to my family is in order.
Sorry family.

I'm a Christmas shopping failure.
I bought myself a dvd that my family already got for me :(
I feel guilty and when the boy and I do some shopping next week I told him to tell me a stern "No." If I want something that isn't clothing (I have difficulties finding clothes I like, so it's a miracle when I do.

My mood is much better today.
Crying definitely helps.
Talking to the boy about random things and making plans to visit helps too.

So yes, I braved the mall today.
I think I figured out my system.
Shopping by myself: buy stuff for myself.
Shopping with someone else: buy stuff for other people (hopefully)

I'm going to attempt to shop again tomorrow this time with my Momma.
She'll keep me company and maybe I'll even splurge for coffee and Belgian hot chocolate.
Good thing shopping for her is practically complete, just a few more touches.

My Dad and the boy on the other hand...don't get me started.
I had a list for the boy!  I was prepared to buy an actual boyfriend a gift that wasn't a $10 watch and a Kinder Surprise (what I bought the boy I dated when I was 15) this year!
I got to the mall and my mind blanked.
So I went to talk to my Grandma...more like vent.
She called me one of those people that shops at the last minute and finds the perfect gift.
It's true.
That last minute pressure to find a gift makes you buy something.
I'm stressing just writing about it.

Is anyone watching Vampire Diaries?
So good :)
Plus, I just saw the preview this morning.
Crazy stuff.

The boy wants a panda suit, what do you think?

So true.
And I hope you would do the same for me :)

This is my advent calendar for this year.
Be jealous.

Just one of those compressed logs that don't throw off any heat unless you're sitting directly in front of it, maybe.  Still nice to look at though :)

Have a great weekend! 
Hopefully I will have a cornucopia of photos to share with you this week.
Yes, I have always wanted to use the word cornucopia in an actual sentence.


Adrian said...

I have had a hard time Christmas shopping this year too. I have no idea what to buy for anyone! Oh my gosh last nights episode of Vampire Diaries blew my mind! I cannot wait until next week!

Taylor said...

Can't wait to see the pictures! P.S. A panda suit sounds like a unique, not to mention fabulous gift. Christmas shopping - why is it always shrouded with guilt for me too? It just goes unsaid..

I brave the malls tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Kaleena J. said...

Crying indeed always helps.

Also, a panda suit is also on my wish list! I love pandas. That's a great idea for a gift.