Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dear Boring Blog

It's feels like a lifetime since I last wrote on? in? to? you.

I should fill you in on what's been happening...or not happening.
The best way to fulfill this is with a list.  My favorite :)

-I managed to bake those chocolate chip cookies we talked about. Unfortunately within the duration of the last 24 hours there are (maybe) only 4 left.  I also made cupcakes in a cup from a kit my mom got me.  Yeah, they weren't that great.  Making cake from scratch or from a Betty Crocker box is best :)
Idea! I should tackle carrot cake this week.  Yummy!

-I bought new sheets.  Technically it was an exchange with something (useless) that I had bought.  The sheets are cream colored with tiny skulls on them.  Fact: I love skulls.

-I also bought new pillows.  They are the best pillows in the world (that I know of), they are Calvin Klein and they are at Costco .  Go buy some, they come in a pack of two.  Confession: I haven't had new pillows in almost 10 years.  Is that gross?  I was fine with it, my mom kind of made a face.  Oh well.

-I've been battling inner demons.  I won't get into detail as I don't want to disturb my peaceful blogging, but it is a main reason why I blog so sporadically lately.

-It snowed recently, but now that snow is gone.  Life on West Coast Canada: Rain.
But I did get a chance to go for a walk in it.

-Prawns and wings: good idea.

-Our Christmas tree is gone.  It's official the jolly time is over.  Time to look forward to Birthday Season (In case you didn't know, Birthday Season refers to this time of the year when all my high school friends and I have our birthdays...well I don't see much of them anymore, but there are still lots of birthdays from January to May to celebrate....Technically Birthday Season started yesterday when I went to a dinner, I guess.)

-Boring Blog, you should be proud.  I've started reading again, not as intense as before (3-5 books a week) but a nice leisurely pace, although I would like to pick it up to a couple books a week.
See that tiny silver thing in my ear?
Yep, that's it.

-I also got a piercing.  Just in my ear, it's called the "tragus".  Not too painful.  I even got a sucker afterwards.

-I'm on the fourth and final season of The O.C.  Fact: I watch seasons 1-4 around Christmas every year and then watch a few episodes here and there before Summer (the season, not the character) just to get me in a Summery mood.

-I just want to show off my mom's skills at unpack Chinese food.

Step 1: take the covering off the metal container
Step 2: have a plate ready and quickly flip the container over onto the plate.

I was proud :)

-I haven't really done much lately, have I?  Fine, one last thing to tell you Blog.  I've been drinking mega amounts of H20 and I have never had to pee so much in my life.

Too much?


Oh and I missed the Golden Globes.  I am terribly disappointed about this.

How could I forget


Kelsey said...

I just got new pillows from Costco too! They are the absolute best pillows ever. I also got new bedding, which is hands down my favorite thing in the world. Hooray for us!! :)

Chelsea said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Missed you on here :) Hope everything works out.

Kaleena J. said...

I wish you would blog more! I wanted to get my ear pierced there too.

Have a nice week!

GorJess said...

omg! I'm gonna make carrot cake too!

Laura Wynn said...

This made my day! Seriously though, loved the list. :)