Monday, January 10, 2011

This Week

Goals for this week:

-Finally vacuum my bedroom

-Bake chocolate chip cookies
-Bake the red velvet cupcakes from the kit my mom got me (buy cream cheese...and orange juice...and piping bags.)
-Go to the bank
-Grocery shop avec mom (sorry sometimes I use random French words.  Buy fruit.)

-Eat breakfast for dinner
-Get new windshield wipers (mine froze and then broke)
-Play in the snow we're supposed to get

-Finish "Dash and Lily's Book of Dare's" by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan (Loving it so far!!)
-Go for wings and prawns with mom at the pub
-Make a list of options of what to get/do for the boy's birthday
-Try the new frozen yogurt place
...Hmm I have a lot of food on my mind, because I also would like some spring rolls.

Have an enjoyable week!


Sophie P said...

Oooohhh, very good to-do list! I want to bake some muffins this week, although I don't want to add to the muffin I seem to have personally gained over the Christmas period... XX

Kaleena J. said...

this is a nice list. perhaps i should make a to do list for this weekend... but then it would just stress me out. no thanks!

p.s. save me a red velvet cupcake, they are my fave.

Taylor said...

I love this list. Can I join you at the frozen yogurt place? Sounds lovely right now! I have been so busy working that reading your list is a nice little way to calm down a bit. I like seeing what others are up to!

n a t a l i e said...

I love this list<3
The cookies in that picture look delicious, and now frozen yogurt sounds good as well? Do you have a Menchies? I just discovered it recently and I'm now in love.

And I loved Dash. Loved him to the point of an unhealthy obsession. ahem.