Sunday, January 9, 2011


Please slow down.
I'm scared you're ticking away too fast.
It's already 2pm and I haven't gotten out of bed.  I suppose this is my fault, but I never get a lazy day like this, it's nice but I just wish I could freeze you for a few hours so I wouldn't lose time.
Hello Snow.
The worst is yet to come...

I've just realized today how fast you're going by.
It's already January 9th.
The boy's birthday is in 3 weeks, everyone else's birthdays follow soon after.
I'll be 23 in two months.
Most people are in their last year of college or already done.
It's a feeling of being left behind, I guess.
But I chose this path you see.

I don't regret choosing it.
I never regret.
This path has made me stronger and more confident.
I would never regret the choices I have made to where I am now.

Imagine if I never applied to the grocery store?
I would never have met the boy.  I wouldn't have plans to move out.  I wouldn't be as confident as am I now.

Sorry Time, I got off track.
Soon the days will get longer and it will seem like I have more time once again.
Then I'm sure I'll be yearning for the opposite.
That's the problem with humans, you can't fully please them.


Adrian said...

I also wish time would slow down. Everything is just going by too fast!

Elleira said...

I wish I had more time too.
I have to work 8 hours a day, travel to and from for another 2 hours, and somehow find time to study and relax too! This is supposed to be my holiday.... sigh :/