Monday, February 28, 2011

Customer Encounter

Don't you love being all toasty warm?
As of right now I'm bundled up in bed with the heater on.
Once I leave my domain, I will be in a deep freeze.

Yes I know, this is a miracle (for me at least, lately) 3 blogs in 4 days?!

I had an interesting encounter with a customer this morning.

Me cleaning window sills (I'm a janitor, it's what I do) 
A small, older man walks into the store just as I'm heading over to the garbage can.
Man says "What happened to all the snow?"
I say "Excuse me?"
Man says "What's your name?"  Looks at my name tag
I say "S...."
Man says "That's an Irish name" (Note: I am not Irish.  At All.)
I say "Ohh."
Man says "Where did all the snow go? Now no one can see me."  He chuckles and gives me an enthusiastic side hug while I laugh along with him.

Strange but enjoyable encounter.

I spent the past 4 days with the boy.
I finally bought a new battery for my car.
Went to Tim Horton's at 11pm at night, which is the most exciting time to be at Tim Horton's by the way.
And that is all.
Oh and I went for dinner for Mom's birthday.
Chicken and feta together? So good.

Confession: I have over 800 photos on my ipod.  I have a tumblr addiction.

Next weekend is my birthday weekend.
I have no idea if I'm going to do anything.  The last time I did, I was turning 21.  I went bowling and then opened presents at Tim Hortons.
Tim Horton's is a part of all holidays/events for me.
All I know is that a) I need to make myself a cake and b) On my actual birthday (Monday) I need to blow out candles.

Do you do anything special for you birthday?
I always needs to blow out candles on my actual birthday, or else the wish doesn't come true....but I always forget to make a wish anyway.

Now to share some yum:

Angel food cake, light cool whip and strawberries.
So easy and so good.

My Oscar ballot.
I have yet to see the fashions, but the show was pretty good :)
I believe I scored 15/24.
Last year I got 16 right.  Next year will be better.
But I must say I am thrilled that Natalie Portman won.

My excited Oscar face.

Have a fantastic week!


Laura Wynn said...

Woo-hoo Birthday!! I dont know what I do on birthdays's aaallways different! Have a great week!

Elleira said...

The cake looks scrumptious!

Kaleena J. said...

lol! cute oscar face! i'm glad natalie portman won too, she's my fave.

hopefully your birthday weekend is great! woooo!

Taylor said...

Lovee!! I just started a tumblr but have no clue how to use it yet...practice, practice!! And yes, I am hesistant to leave my warm bed right now to go outside for a chilly/not fun run...brr...