Friday, February 25, 2011

I Won A Donut!

Confession #1- I am a bad blogger.
Confession #2- I like to clean.
Well, I like to clean if I do it by my own free will.

I know I've been a slacker lately, I apologize.
It's just after work I exercise/hang out with The Boy (more on that in a bit) and that's about it...
Opening up the lap top, turning it on and waiting for it to load just seems like so much work.
Sorry, I tend to exaggerate when I'm pleading my case.

I would say running has been going well except that I haven't been for a run since last weekend because of SNOW! Finally!
Yes the white stuff is everywhere.
Okay not so much any more but it is white out :)
I'm such a six year old when it comes to snow (I don't know why I picked 6, I just did ok?) I practically squeal.
Actually I think I did.  Oh no, I'm wrong.  I squealed when I won a freakin' donut on my roll up the rim cup from Tim Horton's!

Today I shovelled icecream.
How often do you hear that?
Long story short: I had to scoop up the garbage at work and there happened to be a whole lotta icecream out there.
I also didn't notice a patch of ice and completely wiped out on the ol' behind.
Luckily no one saw
....that I know of.

Tonight is wing's and prawn night.
It'll be a triple date consisting of the boy and I, my parents and my god parents.
Fun times.  I'm actually serious, they are fun people.

I guess that's all I have for you today.

Oh I lied.
The boy and I have been discussing moving in together more lately.
For those of you who live with someone, any advice on things to discuss before deciding on the big move in?
We've discussed pet peeves....and that's about it.

Have a fabulous weekend!
I will do my best to enjoy mine.

Oh dear! I just remembered I must make a cake for my Mom's birthday tomorrow.

P.S. I promise to try to post more, not because I'm super interesting but because I want to.


Kaleena J. said...

please please please stop disappearing! haha

Taylor said...

Wow! Thats a big step, moving in together. It's so exciting though! I can't help, I have never really "lived" with a significant other. But its definitely good to think it through before jumping in. No matter what it seems like you two are really happy together!

Adrian said...

I am having the same problems about being a bad blogger. It's just hard to find inspiration. haha I'm glad you got snow! We had it for so long here, I hope to not see any till next year!