Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Red Velvet Valentine's

Life is like scrambled eggs.
The End.

Just kidding :)

But think about it.
You drop the eggs in a pan (this is the way I do it), add stuff to it and then mix it up.
It can become a mess.
Add a dash of unknown future, a sprinkle of stress, a dollop of stress from a car that's not running, a tablespoon of an annoying father (love ya Dad!) etc.
It adds up.

I started running on Saturday.
This is my 4th day.
Besides my brain freaking out about every little thing I feel good.
They might be onto something with this eating healthy, indulging every now and then and exercising thing.

Valentine's Day.
I won't rant about how you should show the people you love that you love them year round I promise.
Plans for the night were sushi, but we decided we wanted White Spot instead.
Excellent decision.
We had a really good conversation while special burger sauce dripped down our chins.
Then back to my house for this:

So good and filling.
I accidentally cut The Boy a slice the size of a small dog.
It was too much.

And that was Valentine's Day :)

Let's hope I get my car fixed soon!

Goal for the weekend: do something fun/exciting.  I refuse to organize my movies, again. I was thinking of doing it by genre this time....

P.S. I  haven't been blogging as much, because I just don't have much to blog about besides me whining about finding a career or at least a hobby, my job and my car that doesn't love me anymore :)

Have a great weekend! Mine begins tomorrow at 5pm and boy do I need it!


Laura Wynn said...

Well, hope it is awesome then!! and yes, life is definitely like scrambled eggs! :)

Kaleena J. said...


GorJess said...

OMG I HAD A DREAM ABOUT RED VELVET CHEESE CAKE!!!! I didn't know it existed!!! Thank you!!

S said...

There's one slice left, who wants to fight for it? :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

Me! Also i miss you! also i feel like you have been Way to stressed recently. email me little miss!