Friday, April 22, 2011

The Alphabet

I plan on making these today:
I've been craving marshmallows bad lately.
But first I have to make Easter cookies.

Time to do a fun little thing I saw on a couple of my favourite blogs :) [I know, I'm so behind!]

A= Available - No sir.
B= Best Friend - My mom, The Boy and my online friend Chelsea 
C= Cake or pie - Cake, mostly because I like decorating them.
D= Drink of choice - H20
E= Essential item you use everyday - Toothbrush, twice a day.
F= Favorite color - Depends on my mood.  Today, probably green.
G= Gummy bears or worms - Worms.
H= Hometown - Boring Town, British Columbia
I= Indulgences - Cupcakes, anything chocolate, Oreos (if you're ever in a duel with me and want to end the fight fast, just know that Oreos will take me down)
J= January or February - January. Everyone is all psyched for the new year, then February rolls around and winter keeps on going and it's just blah. Sorry Mom (her birthday is February)
K= Kids and Names - Girls: Riley, Bridget, Audrey, Charley.  Boys: Logan, Riley, Will, (I suck at boys names)
L= Life is incomplete without? - good friends, family, laughter, love and cupcakes.
M= Marriage date - Uhhh, next letter please.
N= Number of siblings - 2 younger brothers.  Yes I am older, but I still got picked on.
O= Oranges or apples - Both.
P= Phobias or Fears - Time, not being successful
Q= Favorite Quote - The only one I can really think of and that has stuck with me comes from one of my favorite books, "Gingerbread" by Rachel Cohn.  "Life is funny, baby, and that's no joke." 
R= Reason to smile - Today, I will bake.
S= Season - Autumn.  I love the colors, the smells, that chill in the wind that's different from other wind....Ah I'm getting all warm and fuzzy inside.
T= Tea or hot chocolate?- Both?  Peppermint tea or Nutella hot chocolate.
U= Unknown fact about me - I love Sailor Moon and I floss daily. 2 facts!
V= Vegetable you don't like - Cooked carrots, raw yes cooked now.  Other than that I haven't tried a vegetable I don't like yet.
W= Worst habit - Keeping a messy room, is that a habit? Not putting my clothes away! There ya go.
X= X-rays - teeth and I think my back?  I just remember standing in a gown and getting x-rays done when I was younger.
Y= Your favorite food - I have many. Nutella crepes, pancakes, chocolate chip mint icecream, cupcakes, cookies, stir fry, pita pizzas, tuna....I'm stuck, moving on!
Z= Zodiac Sign - Pisces

Have a wonderful Good Friday and a lovely Easter weekend!
Expect a baking post this weekend!

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Laura Wynn said...

Sailor Moon?? Oh man, I was all into that in 7th and 8th grade. :) Good stuff. and I now have THE biggest craving for Nutella crepes!! YUM.