Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do Red-Heads Have More Fun?

Decision made: I'm being Jack Sparrow for Halloween this year.
In other news, I've been busy :)
 Using leftover pastry to make pop-tarts (Nutella!, raspberry jam and brown sugar cinnamon)
 Making a Mother's Day strawberry pie.
Making yummy mistake cookies.
I forgot the brown sugar, but they still turned out really good.
 Paint-balling with the guys.
 This is my natural, beautiful, brunette locks.
This is not.
This is the best shot I could get of the color.
I miss my hair!

Oh and I organized our baking/pasta/canned goods cupboard today.
I'm not in any way an organizer or a planner, yet I love making lists and organizing cupboards and my dvds.
I am an odd person and I accept this.
P.S. I start cake decorating classes in a month :)


Laura Wynn said...

1. YAY cake decorating classes!
2. I was thinking of dying my hair too! Sorry you don't like yours :(
3.I now very much want a nutella pop tart.
Happy Thursday!

Kaleena J. said...

cake decorating?? that sounds fun! i would love to take that class. you will love it.

hitme said...

Really nice hair color :) love your blog and i following ofc :) kisses from Poland;*

Katie Marie said...

I love that you already know what you are doing for halloween!