Saturday, May 7, 2011

I attempted to make guacamole last night.
It had no taste.
Since things are not soap opera exciting here are some random facts about me!

-Sometimes I act psychotic and then I feel dumb

-I have been watching Gilmore Girls seasons 1-4 for the past few weeks and I am on my second time through them. This part in the song when it shows the changing leaves always gets me so excited.
-I go through baking spurts and I have not baked a thing this week!
-I just ate a ton of frozen yogurt and am currently regretting it.
-I have not dyed my hair, yet.
-Tomorrow+Me+The Boys= paintball.
-The Boys refers to some of the boys I work with because I am surrounded by them all day

-"River Monsters" is an awesome show and I am addicted.
-I can't fall asleep when I'm cold
-I nap 3-4 times a week

-I'm leaning towards the red hair dye...tomorrow morning

-I love E.Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series.  Roo is so funny :)

Whoops! Falling asleep.
Have an excellent weekend!


isabella777! said...

ok so im thinking this is friggin fate. i clicked next blog and u popped up and then i saw the best thing in the world GILMORE GILRS! i absolutly love that show iv seen all of them soooo many times but i only have seasons 1-3 im geting them all though (in time) but(befor my head exlpode with excitement lol) oh my name is isabella or issy i go by either but ya!!! i like your blog so far u should check out mine. :D ill blog u later

erinj0 said...

I ditto the last comment. Absolutely LOVE Gilmore Girls : ) It's what I watch every night when I go to bed. Re-watching the seasons never gets old!