Saturday, July 16, 2011

What To Do On A Rainy Day

More like rainy week.

Summer is not here.
The view outside my window.

 So when is summer is no where to be found, what should I do?

-Wander the mall aimlessly.
-Make new outfits with clothes bought at the mall
-Give myself a pedicure
-Watch Gilmore Girls all day
-Search for new music for my ipod
-Have a yummy lunch (I've discovered I love seeds and cranberries in my salads:)
-Add charms to my necklace (the middle one is new, it's a tiny cupcake bought from  CTJewelry on Etsy)
The ladybug is also new to this necklace but old, I just needed a new chain.  So now I have a charm from my mom (the heart), my Grandma (the ladybug) and me!

What else could I do on this rainy day?
Clean my room?....uhhh maybe.

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