Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Look What I Made! (Cake Decorating Part 8)

Ta-Dar! My final cake covered in fondant and carnations.

Nothing too exciting.
But a lady in the parking lot told me I should sell them, so that was kind of cool.

[I'm being bored and talking to Cleverbot right now and it just said "The cake is a lie."  How did it know I was talking about cake???? Oh and apparently I'm not a girl.]

Summer is finally picking up around here, it had to wait until August to do so but it's finally here!

Life lately?
Has been complicated, fun, hard, tiring, exciting etc.

This past weekend The Boy and I decided to go out on the town just the two of us.
We were both kind of iffy on the idea seeing as we're both the strong silent type but it was actually really fun.
We had a nice walk home while eating the most delicious pizza ever!
The worst part was discussing zombies while passing a cemetary.

I need to do an outfit post soon!
My mom and I went to The City recently and had quite a time.
Or maybe I'll just do a photo post right now because I actually have time to do so.
I apologize for being so scattered brained today.

I've been busy working, cleaning and planning a last minute camping trip (My idea of a camping trip: 1 day and 1 night)
I'm stoked to get out of town with The Boy.
Lazing around the beach, making s'mores (Yay no fire ban!), cooking meals (for some reason cooking while camping is much more fun)

Le sigh.
Less than 24 hours till I'm gone :)

Have a lovely week!

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