Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's sad when you find out a year later that your boyfriend was filming a movie not too far away from you.
Miss you boyfriend!

I saw "50/50" tonight.
I kinda, sorta, loved it :) 
It could be because Joseph Gordon Levitt was in it and we're my fantasy world.
Oh and the soundtrack was awesome as well.
That's my short and sweet review.

I have a rather full day ahead of me due to Thanksgiving!
-Sleep in (it's Sunday, it's what I do)
-Work out
-Prepare dough for dinner buns
-Help with the feast
-Bake buns
-Clean bedroom
-Make the centerpiece
-Devour dinner :)
and if I have time make something with the pumpkin I bought.

I love Thanksgiving.
Actually I love any holiday where I get to bake, so any.
But I have a problem with Canadian Thanksgiving: No Charlie Brown :(  I live for watching Charlie Brown during the holidays. 
You should see me at Christmas, I watch it every time it's on and I squeal when I see it on the tv guide.

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who are celebrating!
and those who are not, I hope you have a lovely Fall day.

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Cindy said...

I loooooove joseph gordon levitt!!!! 500 days of summer is in my all time favourite movies list :D