Friday, September 30, 2011

Have you ever gone back and read you're old blog posts and realized you were so much cooler back then?
...Yeah, me neither.


I used to be much more open in them and random, I guess is the word I'm looking for.
But then I got a life and I got boring.
All  I seem to write about is how my week has been, what I did today, what I'm going to do this weekend.
I don't seem to write anything with substance anymore.
Eventually I will get back on track, but how about for now I leave you (whoever you are) with something I am comfortable with, a list:

-I will only watch my dvds if it's the time of year that usually watch them in ("You've Got Mail"-Fall/Winter, "500 Days of Summer"- Spring, "Serendipity"-Winter, etc)

-I have a teddy bear my mom made me that sits on top of my dvds, wearing my Mickey Mouse ears yet he is made out of Tigger fabric.  Oh and he wears and red skull bandana

-I'll eat the same thing for breakfast everyday day for one week

-I ate the same thing for breakfast 5-6 days a week since January, I only recently changed it up

-I discovered I loved baking when I walked into a store one day and saw tons of KitchenAid mixers and my eyes watered up

-I have a 60 year old friend at work who I discuss baking with everyday

-The majority of my friends are boys and I like it that way.  It's like I have tons of brothers!

-I tend to go to the library for 1-2 books that I reserved but end up coming out with 6-8

-Lately I'm really into books where the world is ending

-I have watched my Gilmore Girls dvds 4 times since....April? Yes, that means all 7 seasons.

-One time busybeelauren commented on my blog and it still makes me happy to this day.  Yes, it was a Twilight post....

-I might finally go to school next year

-I'm running out of black socks for work

-I'm really not an interesting person.  But I have been told that I am a cool person (insert thumbs up here)

-I am a janitor with really dry hands

-That last one was not a joke

Goodnight, have a wonderful weekend.

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Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

love this list! Its about time to start watching Hocus Pocus .... right?