Monday, December 12, 2011

8 Things

I feel like lately all I do is stress.
And all that stress leads to a sick me.
I wish I could worry about exams instead of the future, exercise, being sick all the time (at least it seems that way), money, and the biggest one time.
I have a huge fear of time running out.
You think I would be scrambling around trying to do as much as possible with my life, but no.
I work, I nap, I watch tv and I bake.

This has to change as soon as I'm healthy again.

This calls for a list!

1. I will start exercising again
2. I will eat cleaner without depriving myself (I've been doing okay with this, I just know I can do better)
3. I will sign up for an acting class (yes I still have the urge to do this; my heart is saying to do this while my head is saying go to pastry school!)
4. Write my essay for pastry school
5. Do "Serving It Right"
6. Sign up for my work benefits
*Optional 7* Look for a second job
8. Take time to myself at least once a week, even if it means missing out on hanging out with The Boy.  I miss my alone time.  The only time I get that is when I have my daily nap.

Things are going to change, for the better, and I am stoked :)

I have 1 New Year's Resolution so far, to not let my library books go overdue.

Here are my (failed) macaroons :P


Laura Wynn said...

ahhaha! ok, so your macarons made me giggle. :) but hey-you've got feet on 'em! and AMEN to alone time. Good work.

I'm excited for you to take an acting class. Let's work on making our dreams happen no matter how scary or silly, ok?

Laura Wynn said...

ps! Feel better!