Saturday, December 17, 2011

One Week

I'm getting excited :)
But tired and stressed.
Let me announce that I finished all my Christmas shopping 10 days before Christmas!
I think it's funny.
I hate presents though, I just don't understand  why we have to worry and why people spend so much money.
I'm cynical sometimes, I'm sorry.
I like buying gifts though, I'm weird.
I was trying to explain to Mom how her and Dad shouldn't be buying us so many gifts anymore since we're older now.
Next year I think everyone in the family should buy one gift for each person (with a limit!) or we do Secret Santa. 
Significant others could chip in as well if they'd like.
Everyone is still getting at least 4 presents, probably more as long as you don't purchase big ticket items.

That's the plan of action for next year.  In my mind...

Started putting up the Christmas tree today and ran out of lights...
I'm supposed to be finishing the house lights right now but I'm taking a break since I've been baking since 12:30ish.
I've finished my baking!
Sort of.  I would still like to make cupcakes for work, pin wheel cookies, another batch of sugar cookies and then on Christmas Eve (because I don't work!! :) I'm making a lemon meringue pie.

 Candy Cane Oreo balls
 Candy Cane Kiss cookies
My messy table with sugar cookies drying in the back.

I hoping to get one more post in this week so I can try out some tips I used for capturing a decent picture of our Christmas tree.
If not, have a fantastic Christmas lovelies!

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