Monday, January 16, 2012

I Am A Dragon

So far this new year hasn't been the greatest.
I'm hoping come Chinese New Year it'll better.  It's the year of the dragon and I am a dragon :)

I am sick again.
Surprise, surprise.

Lately I have the strongest urge to travel.
I've always been the kind of person who would say "it's a sign" if something out of the ordinary happened and lately Thailand has been popping up all around me, so I feel like I should travel there.
I'd also love to go to Japan soon.
I just want to travel everywhere.

I've been thinking about that big question lately what am I going to do with my life?
The answer to that is not clear.
I have a list of things I would like to do.  I fear commitment a bit so I don't want to be tied down to one thing.
I want to travel, I want to go to school, I want to act, I want to bake, I want to move away, I want everything to stay as it is (but not really), etc.
I wish the answer would magically appear sometime soon.

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