Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Worries for The Rest of Your Days

I took a sick day today. 
I figured I deserve it, since I am sick and have 24 hours of work left this week which will be rough on me since I am a baby whilst sick.

Whenever I am sick I tend to crave foods I shouldn't (cake over soup), blog more and make goals.
So I put "The Lion King" aside and got out of bed to go to the over 50 hot spot with Grandma and Mom.
$2.85 for this tea and mousse cake!  It hit the spot; so delicious.
I would like to make more trips there, I am most comfortable when surrounded by people older than me rather than my age.  Is that odd?
I'm pretty sure I am an eighty year old woman at heart.

It's now snowing outside and I am bundled up in my bed while watching Disney movies and making small goals.
I really would like to start taking more pictures.  Once I am feeling better this will happen.
I'm going to have a dress up day at least once a week, probably a Saturday since I'm in uniform Monday-Friday.
Finally my last goal, no more alcohol.  I drink maybe once a month but I just feel unhealthy after, so instead I'm going to drink coffee :)

Hakuna Matata

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