Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another day, Another blog

I'm doing quite well, if I do say so myself.
I'm working up the courage to post a "vlog".
I've made at least 10 today and I just keep deleting them because I'm so awkward and weird and I keep looking at the camera.  I even made a joke about how "vlog" is my virgin log.  Yeah, I know...

If nervous in my own room with just my ipod and I, how do I expect to get up in front of 12 people next week when I start acting class?!
It shall be an adventure.

Today I decided to take my boy on a date.
As much as he didn't want me to pay, I took control and did.
Why should guys have to pay all the time? I like to take my boy out once and awhile too :)
We had dinner and saw the movie "Contraband", he insisted on at least paying for the movie.

Tomorrow's Goals:
-Work out after breakfast
-Work on the scrapbook
-Clean my bedroom

I'm keeping the goals easy as I have to....work at night.
That was meant to be dramatic because I never work in the evening.

Goodnight :)

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