Monday, February 20, 2012

In My Efforts To Blog More...

I feel like I should make goals for this week but then again I never seem to complete them.
I have 4 big ones I would like to accomplish though:
1. Work out everyday. I feel like if I take a rest day it becomes more than one. I'll rest Saturday.
2. Eat clean! Not counting today when I consumed one too many cookies plus a donut. Oops!
3. Blog everyday.
4. Finish the book I am currently "reading".
*Bonus Goal* Update my blog layout!  Yay!

As for my fitness and health routine lately....
I finally started working out again this past week.
I waited so long because I was scared to get sick again; it seems like every time I start running again I get sick.
I need to only eat cookies if they are homemade, but also pace myself (I have a weakness for cookies).
Working out makes me feel so much better, my adrenaline gets going and I can't help but smile.

I feel like this post is lame, but I am committed to my goals!
Now I will go eat a clean dinner and then workout.

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