Sunday, February 19, 2012

Inspired On A Sunday

Have you ever just felt so inspired you feel like you could do anything and make it wonderful?
I have inspiration just bursting through my chest right now.
I feel like I could go for a walk and take amazing pictures.
I feel like I could write a book; I used to write all the time and I'm beginning to miss it.
I feel like the scrapbook I'm working on is the most creative thing I've done (it's not.)
I feel like I could paint the kitchen and have my parents love it.
I feel like I could redesign my room.

I just feel very inspired today.

I have a writer friend (who I hope will let me shine a spotlight on her and write a post about her soon) and I was reading some of her articles today; she's funny, sarcastic and honest.
It's rare that I read something that makes me laugh out loud or feel so inspired as I do right now.
It's uplifting after being bummed after just realizing you can't afford the perfect apartment (brick building overlooking the ocean, the best reading nooks, natural lighting and stained glass windows)

Today I will do things that make me feel like an artist.
I will work on the scrapbook, I will write future blog posts (because I tend to forget what I want to write once I log in), I will go for a walk and I will plan what color to paint the kitchen.

Oh yes, and I will learn how to do html and write more to improve my blog.

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